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Sales Forecasting

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  Sales Forecasting for Excel (by ModelSheet) automatically creates sales forecasts through a combination of management sales targets, planned pricing and historical sales trends. The sales plan forecasting first analyzes defined sales targets and pricing plans and then analyzes trends in historical sales where targets have not been set.

The Sales Forecasting Excel template can be first customized online to meet business planning requirements and then downloaded as a purpose built sales forecasting solution. Flexible input parameters drive the analysis to output detailed sales forecasts segmented by products, locations, sales channels, customer industries and time.

Key features of Sales Forecasting for Excel include:
  • Utilization of linear regression on sales unit history to analyze trends.
  • Limits positive and negative growth rates so that small and unstable segments do not dictate the overall sales plan.
  • New product trend analysis commences at product introduction dates.
  • Revenue id forecast by product, location, channel and industry segment using unit sales plan, list prices and price discount percentages.
  • Management revenue targets for sales segments override historical trends so human judgment controls the forecast results.
  • Suggested adjustment factors to the raw regression analysis are suggested to make the final forecast more closely match management targets.
  • Inconsistencies between targets set at different levels of management can be resolved by choosing which targets to emphasize.
  • Average product sales prices are forecasted by segment from list prices and actual price discount history.
  • Seasonality is calculated from historical quarterly data and applied to the sales plan.
  • Non-seasonal growth trends and seasonal effects are estimated through regression methods.
  • A trailing 4 quarter history and plan is provided to view trends without seasonality and random large order fluctuations.

A smaller and simplified version of Sales Forecasting for Excel is also available for small start-up business sales forecasting.

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