Reviewed by Kevin on 30-Apr-2021:
Regression analysis is a great way to forecast into the future and can be complex. To make my calculations more simple, I have chosen to use the multiple regression forecasting workbook. It is straight forward with clear instructions even for the beginner.
Reviewed by Leonard on 07-Feb-2019:
I sought out this particular spreadsheet to help me with the process of estimating software production costs in my various projects. I am very glad that I chose to use this particular spreadsheet because of the price and because it has utility in other mathematical computations that I desire to perform, such as analyzing stocks and options. I recommend it to anyone who wants to perform multiple regression in a well managed way.
Reviewed by Sven on 02-Nov-2016:
This product is extremely helpful for easily creating a regression model. Prompts allow for simple explanations of the different elements that make this easy to use even for those less familiar with statistics. This product was able to help me develop a model to predict net sales for our business that wowed the brand manager. Overall, a great product.
Reviewed by VDK on 29-Aug-2016:
I used the regression forecasting for my medical research (clinical studies in ophthalmology). Absolutely user-friendly and fast tool that allowed me to quickly understand the key parameters influencing the outcome of a certain surgical procedure. Thank you!
Reviewed by Nicolene on 14-Jun-2016:
The regression template is easy to use and sufficient for what I need. I'm using it to test the value drivers that we have identified to build up our price for a certain product group. Nice.