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Business Spreadsheets develops and provides Excel templates for financial analysis and business decision making to assist in realizing business efficiencies and growth. Professional spreadsheet templates for business can be downloaded and used as full functionality trial or short-term project solutions in both real world business applications and educational programs.

Project Management Template

The Excel project planning and management template facilitates the creation of project plans, automatically allocates resources efficiently and automates project progress monitoring from updated remote participant files.

Business Valuation

The Excel business valuation template provides an accurate and accessible framework for valuing potential investment proposals and entire businesses for financial management and investor presentation purposes.

Real Options Valuation

The Excel real options valuation template combines modified Black-Scholes, binomial branch and Nash equilibrium theory option models to quantify value within strategic project options derived from underlying uncertainty.

Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting

The Excel multiple regression analysis and forecasting template provides a simple solution for finding predictive relationships through multiple regression analysis and the forecasting of data through established relationships.

Portfolio Performance Tracking

The Excel portfolio performance tracking and valuation template tracks the value and performance of financial portfolios by asset category by accounting for all security level transactions and their timing during reporting periods.

Portfolio Optimization Template

The Excel portfolio optimization template identifies optimal investment asset weightings by evaluating risk and return dynamics under a variety of methods with additional optimization of technical analysis parameters for signal trading.

Invoicing System Template

The Excel invoice template is a complete customer invoicing system with the ability to manage products, customer details, orders and inventory levels as well as perform profitably analysis and integrate with back end systems.

Excel Business Solutions

The Excel Business Solutions directory provides access to a comprehensive range of Excel templates and add-ins designed for specific business disciplines that can be browsed by business requirement or searched to download applicable solutions.

Features and Benefits

Business Spreadsheets solutions are designed with flexibility to adapt to specific business requirements and robustness to provide quality and accurate results. The templates facilitate business decision making and can save considerable develop time and resources.

  • Flexible and extensible - solutions can be applied to a range of simple to complex business scenarios.
  • Simple and robust - spreadsheet applications are intuitive to use to produce accurate and easy to interpret results.
  • Economical and efficient - purpose built templates can save considerable development time and consultancy costs.

Compatibility and Sharing

All templates by Business Spreadsheets function with Microsoft Excel 97 or higher including Excel 2013 for Windows and Excel 2011 for Mac as cross platform compatible business applications.

The downloaded solutions are generic spreadsheet applications that can be used and customized for business requirements. Spreadsheets with completed analysis and results can be and freely distributed to other end users and interested parties without constraints.

Support and Resources

A range of support material is provided for the solutions including FAQ, user manuals, dedicated help forums, videos and email support. Additional resources for the Excel templates by Business Spreadsheets with purchase options can be found on the product ordering page.

A comprehensive directory of Excel business solutions is maintained to match relevant Excel based applications to individual business needs. Solutions include add-ins, templates and integrated software applications categorized by business fields including business finance, financial markets, operations management and Excel productivity.

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