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Bond Yield Calculator

Automated bond payment scheduling with yield to maturity calculation

The Bond Yield Calculator for Excel or OpenOffice Calc enables the automatic generation of scheduled bond payments and the calculation of resulting yield to maturity. The model is equipped to handle 'odd' first time periods and is designed to facilitate bond payment and yield calculations. The Bond Yield Calculator provides a free and open source solution for analyzing fixed interest investments.

Key features of the Bond Yield Calculator include:
  • Simple and flexible input with embedded help icons.
  • Provides the ability to specify the decimal place accuracy of bond yield calculation.
  • Displays automatic cash flow, discount and principal outstanding amount schedules.
  • The Yield to Maturity calculation is fully automated.
  • Free and open source code for Excel and Open Office Calc.
Download Support
- Excel 97-2016, OpenOffice 2.0 or higher
- Excel 2004, 2011 or 2016, OpenOffice 2.0 or higher
Price: FREE
(Download updated on 2018-03-30)

The Bond Yield to Maturity Calculator download has two separate files: one for Excel and Neo Office and one for OpenOffice or Star Office Calc. The source code in both files is open so that the Excel VBA can be compared to the equivalent OpenOffice Basic code. This may be useful as a reference for converting Excel VBA applications to OpenOffice Calc Basic as the code represents a good example of both calculation sub routines as well as a dialogue form input interacted with the spreadsheet. Further resources for converting Excel VBA projects to OpenOffice Calc Basic can be found at the online Excel VBA to OpenOffice Basic converter and the associated help forum post on migrating Excel VBA projects to OpenOffice.

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