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PC Optimization Tools

Download software utilities to optimize the performance of your PC

Ensuring that Windows based computers are stable and efficient through PC optimization increases productivity and represents an important part of business continuity risk management.

There are many PC optimization tools on the market to ensure that Windows based computers run at optimal performance without errors or virus threats. We tested many of the PC optimization tools available established the best options that we found based on features, efficiency, ease of use and affordability. Essentially, we focused on three core requirements for PC optimization and settled on what we found was the most efficient tool for each requirement. The core requirements are system maintenance, system backups and threat protection.

System Maintenance

CCleaner - Complete cleaning and optimization for PCs
This PC optimization tool come in various versions including free, pro and business to remove unneeded files and registry entries on Windows PCs. Additional tools enable PCs to run faster with privacy features.
  • Fast scanning of old and unused files frees up disk space and increases PC performance.
  • Web browsing history and cookies can be erased to remain private and anonymous.
  • Invalid registry entries are identified and removed to eliminate system errors and ensure operating stability.
  • Disabling of unwanted startup programs frees memory and processing capacity while decreasing boot time.
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System Backup and Recovery

Acronis True Image - PC backup solutions
This backup and recovery tool is a simple yet complete solution for creating system backups and restoring from them. Image backups include the operating system, programs, settings and files which can be stored on external disk, networks or the cloud.
  • The lightning speed full image backup process runs quickly and efficiently.
  • An intuitive interface allows backups to be made in just 2 clicks.
  • The backup solution works with Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android.
  • Active ransomware protection is included in the premium version.
  • Excellent phone and online support with various Cloud storage options.
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Windows Threat Protection

MalwareBytes - PC malware protection, detection and removal
The anti-malware solution provides real-time protection from malware, spyware, ransomware and system exploits. For infected PCs, this solution is a must to efficiently detect and remove all malware.
  • Automatic updates scan for the newest malware to stay protected at all times.
  • Checks and protects against both known and unknown threats using proactive technology.
  • Provides a layer of protection around programs and browsers for real-time protection.
  • Prevents contact with malicious web sites and downloads.
  • Fast scanning using low system resources that runs in the background.
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