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Business Spreadsheets User Guides: Project Planning and Management Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting Investment and Business Valuation Real Options Valuation Portfolio Optimization Portfolio Performance Tracking Customer Invoicing

Business Spreadsheets provides a range of Microsoft Excel templates for business analysis and financial decision making purposes. These templates can be freely downloaded from Business Spreadsheets. This user manual offers a practical guide for using these models to real world financial analysis and business decision making endeavors.


Business Spreadsheets models are designed with the flexibility to be able to be applied to scenarios with a wide range of financial complexity. The tools can be employed in isolation or combined to provide complete analytical solutions. For instance, project budgets from the Project management model and financial forecasts from the Regression Forecasting model can be linked into the Investment Valuation model in order to evaluate viability and sensitivities of a business proposal. Subsequently, alternative scenarios, such as the option to delay the investment can be evaluated with the Real Option Valuation model, while the impact on the rest of the business can be analyzed using the Portfolio Optimization model.


For the purposes of these detailed user guides, while the reader is assumed to have a basic level of financial theory knowledge, effort has been made to make explanations accessible to practitioners from a wide range of business disciplines.