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Excel Business Solutions for Education

Free Excel templates for students and academic staff

Analytical Applications for Education

Business Spreadsheets offers Excel solutions free for educational purposes by allowing student and academic staff complementary registration information for any of the template solutions by Business Spreadsheets. Excel solutions are designed and are widely used for real world business applications and decision making. The templates can serve for students and teachers to understand commonly used financial and analytical concepts in the classroom and at home.

Educational Topics In Business Finance

Financial market topics covered by the applications cover financial portfolio management, technical analysis, real options and hedging. Business fundamentals and operations subjects covered by the solutions include business valuation with economic value added, multivariate regression predictive analytics with feature selection for forecasting, and project management with monitoring methods. Each solution is accompanied by detailed help and support material which explain concepts and calculation logic to assist with learning programs and can freely referenced within course curricula.

Deployment in Academic Institutions

Excel templates for business can be downloaded and deployed within educational organizations without limitation. Registration information can be obtained by using the standard Ordering with a valid educational email whereby complimentary registration information is sent automatically. In the case where the email address is not recognized as from an educational organization we can be Contacted to add the organization domain. Complimentary registrations codes are available at the educational domain level to allow unlimited flexibility for individual students and teaching staff to obtain unique registration information for their respective email address details.

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Note: to be eligible for free registration codes, a valid educational institution email address must be used.

Students and teachers can also get Microsoft Office with Excel at a special educational discount: Get Office University.