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Excel Invoice Template

Invoice template for Excel with inventory management and sales reporting

The Excel Invoice Template is a complete and self-contained invoicing system for businesses with customer and inventory management as well as the ability to integrate with existing systems. Customer and product or service details can be managed within the Excel template for invoice generation as well as imported and exported to and from backend CRM and inventory management systems. A range of customization options allow standardized customer invoicing to be established for specific business dynamics and requirements. Invoiced orders linked to customer and products allow for detailed sales reporting with profitability analysis and inventory levels for reorder signaling. Portability of the Excel invoice template provides an integrated invoicing solution for mobile sales forces.

Key features of the Excel Invoice template include:
  • The control panel allows the entering of business specific information and preferences for populating the invoice template and facilitating customer invoice management tasks.
  • Individual product, customer and order details can be retrieved, added, edited or deleted quickly and easily with checks to ensure data integrity on modification.
  • The Excel invoice template has a large capacity to store products, customers and orders and is optimized for all versions of Excel.
  • Previously saved customer invoices can be located and loaded quickly into the template with a filtering system that returns search results for specified dates, products and customers.
  • Customer and product lists can be both imported with column mapping criteria and exported in standard or user defined text file formats. This enables the invoicing system to be integrated with existing inventory management and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.
  • Invoices can be printed and exported to new Excel workbooks or Microsoft InfoPath XML files for distribution to customers or integration with other systems.
  • Product inventory stock levels are automatically adjusted as invoices are created and updated. Product inventory levels can be easily analyzed and sorted to determine reordering requirements.
  • Optional product attributes can be defined for applying to individual invoice items to specify modifications and features (such as size, color, model etc.).
  • A separate shipping slip is provided with the product information from the invoice for transport and packaging processes with the ability to specify additional shipping details such as purchase order number, alternative shipping address and transport information.
  • Sections of the invoice can be toggled as hidden or shown depending on preferences and business requirements. Overall styles and logo can be customized to match company image.
  • Sales reporting displays itemized financials including revenue, shipping costs, sales tax, uncollected revenue outstanding with breakdowns by product and customer.
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Invoicing Control and Customization

The concentrated control area for the Excel invoice template provides options to set global variables and predefined content for accelerate invoice generation, customization and system navigation. Company details provide information for the invoicing entity and can be modified for departments or sales representatives. Invoice details provide default values for new invoices including currency, sales tax rate, shipping method, terms and notes which can subsequently be changed for each invoice. Terms of sales and invoice notes texts can be managed so that they can be quickly selected and applied where appropriate for each invoice. Shipping methods van associated costs can be defined so that amounts are loaded directly into totals as the shipping method is selected. The control panel provides fast access to all aspects of the Excel invoice template for managing invoices, customers and products as well as remote system integration.

Creating and Managing Invoices

The Invoice template provides centralization sales order and invoicing management with a wide range of tools and options. Customer invoicing can be undertaken via a dual approach of manual data entry with the option to save information and data loading from previously saved data. The invoice control options provide tools rapidly create, load and manage invoices and details such as customers and products. As invoices, customer details and product details are saved to the system checks are made to the content so that information is either added or updated accordingly. The data integrity management ensures efficient and confident customer invoicing as we all and accurate sales reporting and system integration. Product inventory levels update automatically to both new orders and revisions to existing orders for precise inventory reorder point analysis. Sections of the invoice template can be hidden and unhidden for printing and publishing depending on the business requirements and invoicing preferences.

Sales Invoice Reporting

Sales reporting from invoices saved in the system combines customer and product details to provide valuable analytics on profitability performance. The sales reporting between two specified dates calculates totals for product revenue, shipping costs, sales tax payable, collected and uncollected sales revenue and sales discounts offered. The summary totals analysis is also provided as averages by customer and product and as percentage of total sales revenue. Additional analysis is provided by customer and product with ranked profitability by quantity sold, revenue or profit. Individual customers and products can be further analyzed by snapshots which load detailed information corresponding to the selected items. Individual product reporting displays unit costs and margins as well as stock level for inventory management. Selected customer reporting displays quantity sold with collected and uncollected revenue for customer relation management.

Inventory and CRM System Integration

The Excel invoice template control panel provides tools for manual management of customer and product details including import and export options for integration with external customer relations and inventory management systems. Product and customer details can be imported from both Excel or text formats. Text format field delimitation character can be specified to suit the import source properties and adaptable column mapping allows flexibility to source structures. As customers or products are imported from backend systems, checks are made against key title fields to either update existing records or add new records. In a related method, the content on the invoicing system customer and product details can be exported out in text or Excel format for integration back with existing systems. File path information is saved as import and export tasks are executed to accelerate subsequent integration processes. The inventory and CRM system integration capability of the Excel invoice template makes it suitable for mobile sales force customer invoicing.
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