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Business Finance

Excel Business Finance templates, add-ins and spreadsheet business solutions

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions for business finance analysis and reporting. These Excel solutions are designed to be applied to a range of corporate finance and business analysis scenarios. The Excel templates and solutions provide accurate business mathematics calculations to facilitate accounting and financial analysis reporting.

Financial Analysis

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions for financial and business case analysis. These Excel solutions are designed to be applied to specific areas of analysis in business finance disciplines and can be utilized to accelerate financial analysis decision making processes. Excel templates and solutions provide calculations and analytical tools for evaluating and optimizing financial strategies with analysis of financial and business metrics.

Financial Analysis Solutions for Excel:
Real Options Valuation Financial Calculations Business and Finance Functions Financial Formula Calculations Data Envelope Analysis Finance Templates and Calculators WACC Calculator DuPont Analysis Financial Business Plan Template

Business Valuation

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions for company and business valuation. These Excel solutions provide a framework for determining the value of a wide range of financial assets and proposed investments to be applied in such disciplines as merger and acquisition appraisal, business cases and investment or divestment proposals. Excel template and solutions cover varying and alternative valuation methodologies and their appropriate application to business decision making requirements.

Business Valuation Solutions for Excel:
Investment and Business Valuation Business Valuation Model Equity Valuation Model Oil Company Valuation Stock Market Valuation NPV and IRR Template Financial Valuation and Modeling Course

Financial Accounting

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions for applications in corporate financial accounting. These Excel solutions are designed to facilitate the construction of reports based on financial accounting standards and can be applied to assess the accounting and regulatory impacts of business case and investment proposals. Excel templates and solutions assist with the creation of required and pro forma financial accounting statements for stakeholder and administrative reporting as well as presentation for potential financing requirements.

Financial Accounting Solutions for Excel:
Profit and Loss Report Income Statement Balance Sheet Import MYOB Data Bank Account Reconciliation Financial Reporting General Ledger Import QuickBooks Data Accounting Templates Accounts Receivable Template Financial Ratio Templates Accounting Training

Risk Analysis

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions for performing risk and sensitivity analysis. These Excel solutions allow the performance of probability simulations, volatility assessment and 'what if' scenarios of analysis to assess the sensitivity of alternative outcomes for business case and financial investment proposals. Excel templates and solutions apply algorithmic approaches and sensitivity analytics for assessing risk and outcome variation in existing and new Excel models.

Risk Analysis Solutions for Excel:
Statistical Analysis Monte Carlo Analysis Add-in Financial VBA Code Decision Impact Analysis Sensitivity Analysis Six Sigma Metrics Balanced Scorecard Statistical Distribution Fitting What If Analysis Monte Carlo Simulation Mac Monte Carlo Simulation Risk Simulation Risk Analysis Tools Hichert Success Business Charts

Business Planning

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions for creating and optimizing business plans and proposals. These Excel solutions are designed to facilitate the business planning process by providing methods for projecting financial data and can be used to quickly produce reports required for business case proposals. Excel templates and solutions provide the basis to accelerate and refine business planning outputs with prebuilt pro forma accounting statements and reports as well as forecasting methods for financial line items.

Business Planning Solutions for Excel:
Forecast and Budget Builder Business Plan Projections Budget Planning Business Planning Templates Film Business Plan Business Plan Financials Digital Startup Business Plan

Real Estate and Loan

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions for real estate valuation, property investment and loan analysis. These Excel solutions focus on financial analysis in real estate and property investment industries as well as loan analysis and can be utilized for real estate valuation, evaluation of property investments, mortgage and debt financing assessment. Excel templates and solutions cover aspects on real estate investment with readymade models that can applied to property valuation, sales and loan repayment scenario analysis.

Real Estate and Loan Solutions for Excel:
Property Investment Valuation Loan Calculator Real Estate Investment Property Financial Statement Real Estate Balanced Scorecard Loan Comparison 1031 Property Exchange Real Estate Analysis Property Development Planning Real Estate Marketing Templates Loan Amortization Templates

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