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"Runtime Error 13" and "Runtime error -2147483640" Excel 2011 Mac

Excel Help for "runtime Error 13" And "runtime Error -2147483640" Excel 2011 Mac in Excel Portfolio Optimization Template

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"runtime Error 13" And "runtime Error -2147483640" Excel 2011 Mac

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Angry Upon Openning the template I get the "Runtime Error 13 Type Mismatch" with the option to end. If I select end I get to the optimize page. After clicking "Optimize" the macro start to make the correlation Matrix, after the matrix is like 60% i get the  "Runtime error -2147483640 : Automation Error" After that the template stops and does nothing. 

I Cannot use the template. Can Anyone Help???

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The "Runtime Error 13: Type Mismatch" and "Runtime error -2147483640: Automation Error" you are encountering in Excel 2011 on a Mac can be caused by several issues related to the VBA code in your template. These issues might be due to differences in how VBA is executed on Mac compared to Windows, data type mismatches, or problems with the code itself.

- Check for Data Type Mismatch (Runtime Error 13)
Handle Automation Errors (Runtime error -2147483640)
 By carefully inspecting your code and handling potential errors gracefully, you should be able to identify the root cause of these runtime errors and resolve them. If the issue persists, you might consider sharing the specific part of the code that causes the error for more detailed assistance.

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We just ran the portfolio optimization the latest version 14.4.2 of Excel 2011 for Mac without any problems.

This runtime issue is likely to be due to the data used for optimization. If you can attach your template by replying to this post notification then we can investigate the issue.
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