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Help calculating delivery performance

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Help Calculating Delivery Performance

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I have a spreadsheet with hundreds of vendors/suppliers. Each vendor delivers multiple parts, for which some are delivered "Early", some "Late," and some "On-Time."

Some vendors deliver the same type of part, so each vendor delivers it at different times, falling into either of the above delivery statuses independently.

The Delivery Status column/field shows the status, but it is actually a formula that is calculated using two other columns with dates.

THE QUESTION: I need to calculate the percentage of each delivery status ("Early", "Late," and "On-Time") for each vendor rather than the percentage of status as a whole.

E.g., Vendor A delivered "On-Time" x% out of the total of all the "On-Time" deliveries done by all vendors together (I'm debating whether I should get the percentage out of all the total deliveries regardless of the type of status as the denominator for the calculation rather than only of the total of each status. Please suggest the right denominator).

I need the percentages of each delivery status per vendor to be able to identify the "Top 10" vendors that delivered "Early", top 10 that were "Late", and top 10 "On-Time."

This is a perpetual spreadsheet that will be refreshed constantly. Below is how the data is structured in the spreadsheet.

Your help is very appreciated,

Vendor A Part A Late

Part B On-Time

Part C Late

Part D Early
Vendor B Part A On-Time

Part E Late
Vendor C Part A Late

Part X Early

Part Y Early
Vendor D Part X On-Time
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You can aggregate data from multiple columns using SUMIFS on and COUNTIFs to get averages for the multiple critieria.

Putting the data into a data table with filters and sort can help to rank. Also PERCENTILE function can help to calculate top percentile values from the data.
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