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Excel Help for Vlookup in Developing Business Administration Solutions

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I needed help with the VLOOKUP..  here is what I'm trying to do...

If you look below.. then you will see that Column A has all the names and Column B has it's Value.. likewise.. Column D has all the names and Column C has it's values...

I'm trying to first match the names from Column A to Column D and if it matches then I want to see if Column B matches to Column C..

For examples, in Column A and B, it shows that AES Corporation has a B1 value and column C and D also shows that AES Corporation has a B1 value.. so it should come back with TRUE. If it had same names, but different values, it should come back as false..

Do I use vlookup? Please advise
 Excel Spreadsheet:
1 AES Corporation B1 BI AES Corporation
2 Alliance Imaging B1 B1 AES Corporation
3 Altivity Packaging LLC B1 B1 Affinity Group Inc
4 AMR Holdco B1 B1 Air Evac EMS Inc
5 Aramark Corporation B1 B1 Air Evac EMS Inc
6 Bluegrass Container Canada Company  B1 B1 Alliance Imaging
7 Bluegrass Mills Holdings Company LLC B1 B1 Alliance Imaging
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This is an interesting problem because a simple VLOOKUP or MATCH function will not suffice as their maybe more than one occurence of company names in columns A and D.

The solution is to first concatenate columns A and B and also columns C and D.

Enter the following formulae in the cells indicated then copy down.

E1: =A1&B1

F1: =D1&C1

G1: =VLOOKUP(E1,$F$1:$F$7,1,FALSE)

H1: =IF(G1<>"#N/A",TRUE,FALSE)
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I received "#N/A" all the way down.. did I do it right??  

AES CorporationB1B1AES CorporationAES CorporationB1B1AES Corporation#N/A"#N/A",TRUE,FALSE)' x:err="#N/A">#N/A   
Alliance ImagingB1B1AES CorporationAlliance ImagingB1B1AES Corporation#N/A"#N/A",TRUE,FALSE)' x:err="#N/A">#N/A   
Altivity Packaging LLCB1B1Affinity Group IncAltivity Packaging LLCB1B1Affinity Group Inc#N/A"#N/A",TRUE,FALSE)' x:err="#N/A">#N/A   
AMR HoldcoB1B1Air Evac EMS IncAMR HoldcoB1B1Air Evac EMS Inc#N/A"#N/A",TRUE,FALSE)' x:err="#N/A">#N/A   
Aramark CorporationB1B1Air Evac EMS IncAramark CorporationB1B1Air Evac EMS Inc#N/A"#N/A",TRUE,FALSE)' x:err="#N/A">#N/A   
Bluegrass Container Canada Company B1B1Alliance ImagingBluegrass Container Canada Company B1B1Alliance Imaging#N/A"#N/A",TRUE,FALSE)' x:err="#N/A">#N/A   
Bluegrass Mills Holdings Company LLCB1B1Alliance ImagingBluegrass Mills Holdings Company LLCB1B1Alliance Imaging#N/A"#N/A",TRUE,FALSE)' x:err="#N/A">#N/A   
Bombardier Recreational Products IncB1B1Alliance ImagingBombardier Recreational Products IncB1B1Alliance Imaging#N/A"#N/A",TRUE,FALSE)' x:err="#N/A">#N/A   
Builders FirstSource IncB1B1Alliance ImagingBuilders FirstSource IncB1B1Alliance Imaging#N/A"#N/A",TRUE,FALSE)' x:err="#N/A">#N/A   
CHS/Community Health Systems IncB1B1Alliance ImagingCHS/Community Health Systems IncB1B1Alliance Imaging#N/A"#N/A",TRUE,FALSE)' x:err="#N/A">#N/A   
Colfax CorporationB1B1Alliance ImagingColfax CorporationB1B1Alliance Imaging#N/A"#N/A",TRUE,FALSE)' x:err="#N/A">#N/A   

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It looks like in cell F1 you put =C1&D1 instead of =D1&C1 - i.e. the company name followed by the value.
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In my vlookup excel , the following types are not working properly...


Can anyone suggest me how to implement these functions i vlookup ???
Any kind of reply would be greatly appreciated.

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