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Charting help needed!

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Charting Help Needed!

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I am trying to build a chart with to include the following type of data:

Excel Spreadsheet:
1 Test1 Male Female
2 Written 100 60
3 Passed 70 40
4 Failed 30 20
5 Test2  
6 Scheduled 150 100
7 Completed 75 60

Here's my problem. My table looks similar to this except I have about 7 different headings. (Test1, Test2, PEP1, PEP2, etc...) and in each of those headings I can have anywhere from 3 to 4 rows of data.

I am trying to compare the tests in a process. We are trying to find out where our students are failing in our process. I want to be able to display this in a chart, but I am not sure how.

Can anyone help? What chart type would be best to use? If I use a column chart, how do I get it to display the data in a way that makes sense?

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It really depends on exactly you want to show. If you want to show failure rates you should probably convert your data into percentages for each test.  You could also total the passed and failed for each gender and test and calculate the percentages on those.

One way to show the failure rate overall by gender and a break down by test would be to use a stacked column chart.  Here you could either have one column per test with the height of the column showing the overall failure rate with the breakdown of females and males, or two columns with one for males and one for females with the breakdown of each test within each column.

Alternatively, you could have two basic column charts with one for males and one for females showing the results for each test.  Here you chould also use a 100% stacked column showing the success and failure rates within each column for each test.
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Great info provided.. Anyways thanks for sharing information..
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