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Drop down list to reflect multiplier

Excel Help for Drop Down List To Reflect Multiplier in Presenting and Reporting Data

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Drop Down List To Reflect Multiplier

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ConfusedI am trying to figure out the formula to select text in a drop down and have tht text linked to a multiplier in another cell on the same line in a different column.  Example would be "RS" drop the drop down in B2 and when I select that the multipler in B6 would need to change to .98.  Next line might be "ACC" in the drop down and the multipler would change to .90.
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You can drive cell values from the selected item in a Combo Box form control (drop down box). When creating the combo box define the Input Range as the range where the text values are (RS, ACC etc. in, for example, C5 to C10) and the Cell Link to output the selected index value (In this example cell B5).

Next to the columns of text values (RS, ACC etc.) put the corresponding multiplier values (0.98, 0.90 etc. in cells D5 to D10).

When the combo box selection is changed, we see the index number of the selection in cell B5.  Now we can match this to return the multiplier by entering the following formula in cell B6.
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