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Multiple IF criteria formula

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Multiple If Criteria Formula

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ConfusedExcel Spreadsheet:

  A B C
1      .98
6   RS  

I am very new to Excel.  I have a simple formula that I can't figure out. 
This is the formula I entered.  I need to know how to enter a formula that if I was to enter text "ACC" into B6, instead of RS, my number in C1 would change to .90  This number will then be a multiplier for another as I make entries going down A column.

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To provide multiple IF criteria in the same formula, IF function statements can be inserted to replace the default value of the original IF function.  This can be done as many times as necessary.  The formula should be:


There are other solutions to simplify this task for many criteria such as CHOOSE, and VLOOKUP on a defined list of matching values.
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