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Split Line Feeds to Cells

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Split Line Feeds To Cells

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AngryThis is caused by line feeds within the source data that are imported as text. To avoid this, try to use alternative import options or if using a paste function then Paste Special > Unicode Text. If this is not possible then a VBA macro can split the lines feeds into separate cells. The following VBA sub routine will split values for a selected range of cells in a column to continuous rows in the adjacent column to the right.

VBA Code:
Sub LinesToCells()
    Dim cr, ac As Variant
    Dim r, c, i As Integer
    r = ActiveCell.Row
    c = ActiveCell.Column + 1
    For Each cr In Selection
        ac = Split(cr.Text, Chr(10))
        For i = LBound(ac) To UBound(ac)
            Cells(r, c).Value = ac(i)
            r = r + 1
End Sub
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