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Data Management and Analysis

Excel data management and analysis for data management

Excel Data Management and Analysis

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The Data Management and Analysis Excel add-in is designed for manipulating and analyzing data in Microsoft Excel 97 software and above and is ideal for anyone who uses Excel to any significant extent .

Excel Data Management and Analysis finds almost any selection of cells on a sheet (by their appearance, contents or location) and can carry out some selected function on them, (such as change the appearance, the contents, or the location) automatically and in the way specified.

Key Features of the Excel Data Management and Analysis add-in include:
  • Work easily with duplicates, links, errors, colors, formats, and hyperlinks.
  • Convert numbers or formulas easily.
  • Tidy up text and to convert numbers which have been input as text.
  • Find missing items from lists of data, or to compare two sets of data and line them up with each other.
  • Add a click-able index page to your workbook.
  • Convert digits into words.
  • Plus much more - e.g. swap instantly a block of data with the block adjacent (instead of having to insert, cut and paste and delete), reset fonts, unhide all rows and columns etc.

A Statistics module is included free and fully integrated, allowing you to see instantly the sum, average, sum of positives and negatives separately (useful for accountants to see Debits & Credits), maximum and minimum values of your selected area even if it contains error cells. It also allows you to see instantly an analysis of your selected cells in terms of the number of cells, and the number that contain formulae, values, positive values, negative values, zeros, errors, text, blank and non-blank cells.

The Excel Data Management and Analysis statistics module screen pops up quickly, even if the whole page (16,777,216 cells) is selected. The reason why this is so useful is that, unlike the normal status bar at the bottom of the screen, it shows you all the figures in one go, and it copes with error cells.

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(Updated on 2023-08-01)

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