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Excel mail merge for sales and marketing

Excel Mail Merge

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Mail Merge for Excel provides a simple facility to run a mail merge entirely in Microsoft Excel software in a similar fashion to the facility provided in Microsoft Word software.

This may be useful for mail merging forms or data with other complex formulas or look ups. It may also be quicker and easier for those who have little or no experience with Microsoft Word but are familiar with Microsoft Excel.

Mail Merge for Excel is simple and intuitive to use. There is a full help file and an example file to see, both provided with the software.

The results of the Mail Merge can be output to:
  • A print preview for testing (or individual selection to print),
  • A printer,
  • A file - either one text file (.txt) with page breaks between or individual text files,
  • To individual Microsoft Excel workbooks or HTML (not Microsoft Excel 97) files, or
  • Direct to individual emails with text file attachments (Microsoft Excel workbook attachments or plain text in the body).

To run a mail merge with Mail Merge for Excel you simply create two worksheets. The first (main document) contains your form, letter, etc, with the merge fields included in cells marked with << >> (eg cell A6 might contain "Dear <>,"). The sheet can be named as you wish, and can contain any number of merge fields anywhere on it alongside any other look ups, formulas etc. The second sheet will contain the source data. In row 1 you put the merge field names (without the << >>), and below you have your data to be merged.

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