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Loan Calculator

Excel loan calculator for real estate and loan

Excel Loan Calculator

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The Loan Calculator for Excel is an ideal solution to evaluate how a loan's terms will affect the borrower's payment obligations. The model is fully-customizable and accommodates loans with up to 500 payment periods.

The principal amount, interest rate, payment frequency and the length of the loan can be entered into the Loan Calculator for Excel and a payment table is automatically generated.

Upcoming payments and each payment's breakdown between principal and interest is displayed. An additional feature is the ability to make extra payments each period.

Inputs to the Loan Calculator for Excel include:
  • Name of Loan and/or Lender.
  • Face Value of Loan (Original Amount).
  • Annual Interest Rate.
  • Loan Period in Years.
  • Number of Payments per Year.
  • Loan Commencement Date.
  • Amount of Extra Payment per Period (if any).

The Loan Summary results display:
  • Scheduled Payment (per period).
  • Scheduled Number of Payments.
  • Actual Number of Payments.
  • Total Amount of Early Payments.
  • Total Interest Paid.

The Loan payment table displays columns for:
  • Payment Number.
  • Payment Date.
  • Beginning Balance.
  • Scheduled Payment.
  • Extra Payment.
  • Total Payment.
  • Principal.
  • Interest.
  • Ending Balance.

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