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Project Planner

Excel project planner for project management

Excel Project Planner

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The Project Planner for Excel is an Excel project plan template designed for distribution to project team members so that they can easily input their tasks, dates and status using a user-friendly interface.

The Project Planner for Excel templates can also be imported into Microsoft Project in order to create Gantt Charts and project plan data can be synchronized between both Microsoft Excel and Project.

Key features of the Project Planner for Excel include:
  • User-friendly and intuitive task entry.
  • Easy import into Microsoft Project to create instant Gantt Charts.
  • Data can be synchronized between Microsoft Project and Excel.
  • Email task information directly from the Project Planner spreadsheet template.
  • Pop-up Calendar for easy input of start and finish dates.
  • No installation of programs or Excel Add-Ins are required.
  • Color coded task levels that are easily understandable.
  • Required fields are highlighted in yellow and appear behind schedule tasks.
  • Ability to track project changes on the spreadsheet.
  • Advanced version control features available with the version counter displayed on the Project Planner template.
  • Easy to use Project Manager administration screen with password protection.
  • Default formatting is automatically reset to correct any changes made by project team users.
  • Scalable with tests and implementations on large scale projects and performance tested with thousands of tasks.
  • Designed by a certified project manager.

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Reviewed by Arpita Dey on
The Project Planner for Excel seems like a robust and user-friendly tool for project management. Its intuitive task entry and seamless integration with Microsoft Project are standout features. The ability to synchronize data between Excel and Project, along with email task functionality, enhances collaboration. The pop-up calendar and color-coded task levels add to the user-friendly experience. Its great to see that it doesn't require additional installations, making it accessible for all team members. The advanced version control features and scalability make it a valuable asset, especially when handling large-scale projects. Its clear that this tool is designed with the project managers perspective in mind.

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