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Email Sheets and Ranges

Excel email sheets and ranges for presentation and reporting

Excel Email Sheets and Ranges

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The Email Sheets and Ranges for Excel allows the emailing of a single worksheet, range or combination from a workbook form directly inside Excel.

Using the Email Sheets and Ranges for Excel you can email in Microsoft Outlook any part of your workbook such as:
  • A range of cells
  • Multiple ranges
  • A single worksheet
  • Selected worksheets
  • A whole workbook
There is a quick one-click facility the emailing of a single worksheet, or a separate screen is provided to select options (such as remove formulas, remove font colors etc) and create the email.

Email templates, together with prompts, for repetitive or regular emails can be saved - such as creating a monthly email to send out sales results, where the program prompts to enter the month each time you open the email template. In this case the email subject might read 'Monthly sales results for {{month}}' in the template which will convert to 'Monthly sales results for March' in the email.

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(Updated on 2023-11-01)

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