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Micro Charts

Excel micro charts for presentation and reporting

Excel Micro Charts

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Micro Charts for Excel enhances the Excel Chart library with sparklines, bullet graphs and other in-cell charts. Charts are created from Micro Charts for Excel fonts including bars, line segments and pies.

A chart is represented as text that is formatted with the Micro Charts for Excel fonts. Dynamic chart formulas update the charts when a dependent cell value changes.

Micro Charts for Excel formulas can be used just like normal Excel formulas.

For rich formatting, colored Micro Charts can be used. The formatting parameters are set with the Micro Charts for Excel user interface. Double clicking the formula opens the formatting interface.

Micro Charts for Excel formulas can take The PERCENTILE() formula can be used to calculate the 10% and 90% limits of the normal band, a range that indicates the 'normal' range of values.

If a cell is formatted, the micro charts can also be formatted. All of the rich formatting Excel capabilities can be utilized for Micro Charts that can be used for normal text:
  • Text alignment
  • Text orientation
  • Font size
  • Conditional formatting
  • Automatic alignment when the row height changes

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