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Data Cleansing

Excel data cleansing for data management

Excel Data Cleansing

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Data Cleansing for Excel is designed to automate commonly demanded tasks for cleansing data in Excel. The Excel add-in presents a menu of options for interrogating, cleaning, modifying and transforming data for targeted ranges. Data cleansing is fast and automatic allowing to save considerable time and resources for cleaning data in a customized way for analytical purposes, publishing and application integration.

Key features of Data Cleansing for Excel include:
  • Remove extra, leading or trailing spaces in selected columns.
  • Remove all alphabetic characters in selected columns
  • Remove all numeric data in selected columns.
  • Remove special or user defined characters in selected columns.
  • Remove duplicates in data (with option to keep the first instance).
  • Remove unique values from a column.
  • Remove values from one column if they exist in another column.
  • Prevent duplicate entries into specified columns.
  • Color highlight duplicate rows and/or unique rows.
  • Count duplicates in specified column.
  • Compatible with all versions of Excel for Windows.

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(Updated on 2024-03-01)

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