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Replace Text

Excel replace text for navigation and auditing

Excel Replace Text

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Replace Text for Excel (ReplaceMagic) provides the ability to update multiple Excel documents with sets of specified text replacement lists. This powerful text replacement solution is ideal for executing batch text replacements such as updating and fixing broken links in Excel documents when a server name has changed.

Replace Text for Excel can search folders and perform multiple replacements based on a list of find and replace text criteria for cell content, headers, footers, VBA code and hyperlinks.

Key features of Replace Text for Excel include:
  • Ideal for performing server consolidation, renaming and replacement.
  • Search and replace text within headers and footers of multiple Excel document sections.
  • Find and replace in hyperlink text and addresses and UNC link paths.
  • Option to search only for detecting potential replacements.
  • Supports international character sets.
  • Ability to specify multiple sub folders for searching.
  • Handles documents with protection passwords for opening or modifying.
  • Original file date and time stamp metadata are preserved.
  • Supports Excel 2000 and higher.

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