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Excel chart help for training and tutorials

Excel Chart Help

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Chart Help for Excel (Charting In Excel) is a PDF download e-Book covering all aspects od charting in Excel in order to create useful data visualizations to facilitate business decision making.

The structure of the Chart Help for Excel PDF is ideal to quickly find solutions to charting issues in Excel and applies an approach to learning whereby skills are built upon to progress toward an advanced level of competence for Excel charting.

Key concepts in Chart Help for Excel include:

  • Understanding Chart Types
  • Basic, Stacked And 100 percent Stacked Charts
  • Scatter Charts
  • Pie And Doughnut Charts
  • Two Y-Axes - Charting Series Measured On Different Scales
  • Changing A Chart
  • Formatting Charts Using The Object Model Approach
  • Resizing, Moving And Deleting Objects
  • Drill Down Formatting Approach – Larger To Smaller Objects
  • The Axis Objects Attached To Each Axes
  • Data Series Specifics Across Chart Types And Sub-Types
  • Time Saving Tips and Approaches

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(Updated on 2024-03-01)

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