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Difference Reports

Excel difference reports for navigation and auditing

Excel Difference Reports

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Difference Reports for Excel (Compare Spreadsheets) is a stand alone Windows application that reports the differences between two Excel spreadsheets.   Excel workbooks are compared and changes or differences are highlighted with advanced options for the reporting.

Key features of Difference Reports for Excel include:
  • Specify entire workbooks, sheets or ranges of cells to be compared.
  • Choose aligning parameters for comparison (by rows or columns).
  • Specify what comparison mode by cell values or formulas.
  • Customize the highlighting the different cells (background color and/or the color and style of the cell border).
  • Work with files without opening them in Microsoft Excel.
  • Results are presented as a comprehensive report for fast auditing.
  • Ability compare any cells in the final report.
  • Supports Excel file formats for Excel versions 2000 to 2010.

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