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Project Planning and Scheduling Using Primavera

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Project Planning And Scheduling Using Primavera

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ConfusedMultiple Project Scheduling:
1. Multiple Projects in One Primavera Project
When there are many small projects that need to be managed, it would be logical to create a Primavera Project for each project.

On the other hand, one should also consider putting a number of small projects in one Primavera Project and have the projects identified by the first level WBS Node or some other coding, such as Activity Codes or Project Phase/WBS Category. This is especially practical when there are many projects with a very small number of activities or when an organization only realizes benefits from a number of completed projects when they are all completed. This option is especially practical when one scheduler is managing all the small projects.

2. Multiple Primavera Projects Representing One Project
Normally, one Primavera Project would be created for each of an organization's projects. There may be a requirement to break a Project down into Subprojects, these reasons include:

The project is large enough to require a number of schedulers and therefore a Primavera Project could be created for each scheduler to delineate each scheduler’s area of responsibility. NOTE: Remember two or mare schedulers may open one project and access may be assigned down to WBS Node.

There could be a requirement to keep individual organization's financial information confidential and as security and access is set at project level, information in one project may be hidden from specific users. This situation may exist when there are two or more contractors scheduling pans Of a Projects and they require their cost to be kept confidential from other contractors.

A project may have individual parts or multiple clients but is necessary to report the project separately yet allow resource management project-wide. Again, a Primavera project could be created for each separate part of the project in this situation each user may be given access to only one Resource Node from the Global Access tab of the Admin, Users form. A sub-project could be created as a Primavera Project for the security of sensitive financial: information. The cost may be assigned to resources in the financial sub-project with access given to specific individuals Activities in the financial subproject may be LOE (Level of Effort) activities, spanning activities In other non-cost sub-projects. This method is generally suitable for high level cost planning and management but allowing the detailed planning of project in a non-financial subproject without the burden of managing costs.

When a Primavera Project is created for each sub-project it would be logic to keep el the Primavera Projects located under one 'projects EPS Node All the Primavera Projects could be opened at one time for scheduling and reporting by selecting the EPS Node.

The decision to break a project into two or more Primavera Projects must have a sound basis and be well thought out. The environment chosen should be well piloted and tested to ensure the desired results are obtained from the software Planning and scheduling software is hard enough to use without adding the burden Of creating multiple projects There is a lags amount of analysis that may be completed without using multiple projects. Filters may be used to isolate pals of a project and sub- net critical paths may be generated a number of ways such as using the Calculating Multiple Paths function You must ensure that the requirement to break a project into sub-projects using individual Primavera projects is well-founded.

Some people suggest that sub-contractors should run their own sub-projects within a master schedule. My experience is that smaller or new subcontractors often are very inexperienced at scheduling and many do not know the basics of scheduling, it is therefore unreasonable and risky to expect subcontractors to drive strange and complex schedule software and get it right some industries we better equipped to manage comp/ex software, with skills found more likely in industries such as IT, but less likely to be found in the construction-related sector.

It is also my experience that it is better to reduce the number of schedulers working on a project schedule to the absolute minimum required to manage a project In large complex projects, these people need to be trained in the use of the software, be reasonably experienced running the software (or waking tinder a person who is experienced), and run the schedule by an agreed and documented set of guidelines.

Managing the inclusion of sub-contractors' Schedules always becomes an issue. Alliances tend to help resolve this problem as the schedules then become a joint responsibility.

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