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Web Services Add-in

Excel web services add-in for market data access

Excel Web Services Add-in

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Web Services Add-in for Excel (StrikeIron On Demand) is a simple, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop integration of Web services directly into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Access real-time data, on demand by utilizing Web services without any programming knowledge.

On Demand Web Services Add-in for Excel removes the technical issues of finding, accessing, understanding and integrating Web services into Excel by taking advantage of the Web Services Add-in for Excel Business Network and powerful underlying 'dynamic invocation' technology that requires no compiling, no programming and no additional software.

Key benefits of the Web Services Add-in for Excel include:
  • Real-time integration of critical external and internal data through Web services to improve business decisions.
  • Significantly reduced Excel on-demand application development time and expense.
  • Improved data consistency across your company by maintaining a single source that can only be accessed by Web services using Excel.
  • Increased savings of IT time and cost by providing self-service application development by users instead of supporting specialized data management applications.
  • Improved data security through the 'Invisible Link' option that erases the data upon closing of the workbook to prevent unauthorized viewing.
  • Greater reliability and security by using Web Services Add-in for Excel Premium Web services.
  • Extensible development platform with access to the On Demand API to take advantage of the services provided within the product.
  • Greater productivity with integrated access to the breakthrough Web Services Add-in for Excel Business Network - the largest Web service directory in the world with over 1000 entries and graphical tools and services to make it easier than ever before to understand and use Web services.

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