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Manufacturing and Engineering

Excel Manufacturing and Engineering templates, add-ins and spreadsheet business solutions

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions for industrial manufacturing and engineering applications. These Excel solutions are designed for industrial manufacturing and engineering processes and can be utilized for production process planning and monitoring, stress test and quality control, as well as mechanical and technical calculations and analysis. Excel templates and solutions designed to calculate and analyze physical properties and scientific information relating to the processes of engineering and manufacturing goods and products.

Recommended Solution
Engineering Calculations for Excel are a set of engineering, industrial, and technical calculations developed in Microsoft Excel. They will reliably and precisely guide you through the design of components, the solution of a technical problem, or a calculation of an engineering point.
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Resource Manager will help you plan and schedule your key resources (work centers, material, labor) quickly, easily, and affordable. Resource Manager for Excel is an Excel add-in (version 97 and greater) and is designed for single concurrent users who are familiar with Excel.
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Concrete Cost Estimation for Excel is a powerful tool for building fast and accurate concrete construction estimates.
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OPC Data Connection for Excel enables Excel to connect to OPC (OLE for Process Control) servers for a range of PLC types using a simple user interface to links cells with OPC data.
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Sankey Diagrams for Excel is a stand alone application that imports data from Excel to create advanced Sankey diagrams and flows charts to display the material, energy and cost flows of any process system.
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Advanced Graphs for Excel is complete software solution including an Excel add-in with advanced graphing capabilities designed for scientists and engineers.
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QFD, FMEA and Pugh Templates for Excel creates and modifies six sigma houses of quality quality function deployment (QFD), failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), and Pugh matrices in Excel.
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Dimensional Analysis and Measurement for Excel is an integrated Excel solution for estimating, calculating, converting measurements or working with geometry.
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Contract Templates for Excel are designed for builders, architects and engineers in the construction industry based on standard AIA and AGC formats.
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Physical Properties and Steam Approximation for Excel calculates thermodynamic and transport properties of gaseous, liquid and solid materials (TP, HP and SP).
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Energy Conversion for Excel can quickly, easily and reliably calculate thermodynamic and transport properties.
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Unit Conversion for Excel is an Excel add-in that performs various conversions between many types of measurement units suitable for manufacturing and engineering analysis applications.
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Curve Fitting for Excel is an Excel add-in that performs curve fitting, interpolation and data smoothing functions for data trend analysis.
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Excel Structural Engineering Analysis is a standalone application that integrates with Excel with VBA options for performing structure analysis for construction and engineering.
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