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Inventory Tracking

Excel inventory tracking for supply chain and inventory

Excel Inventory Tracking

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Inventory Tracking for Excel allows inventory management professionals to track inventory and be automatically alerted when reordering is necessary.

Inventory Tracking for Microsoft Excel provides the ability to predefine reorder levels and customize reorder tolerance levels. When units in stock are within 10% (or whatever percentage is appropriate for your business) of your predetermined reorder level, then the status field turns yellow and indicates 'Reorder Needed.' The status field indicates green and displays the message 'In Stock' when items in stock exceed your reorder tolerance level, and it indicates red displaying the message 'Out of Stock' when no items are in stock.

Fields within the Inventory Tracking for Microsoft Excel include:
  • Item Number
  • Item Name
  • Item Description
  • Unit Price
  • Units In Stock
  • Reorder Level
  • Reorder Tolerance
  • Status

The Inventory Tracking for Microsoft Excel is an effective, low-cost inventory management software solution for Microsoft Excel.

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