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Finance Templates and Calculators

Excel finance templates and calculators for financial analysis

Excel Finance Templates and Calculators

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The Finance Templates and Calculators for Excel are a suite of calculators, tools and Excel templates for performing a wide range of business finance and accounting related analysis.

The Finance Templates and Calculators for Excel consist of 73 different financial calculators. These calculators simplify basic financial calculations, saving time and effort in a wide range of evaluations including cash flows, loans, investments, future values, rates of return, financial analyzes and personal finances. Data simply need to be entered as required and the calculators automatically give the results.

The Finance Templates and Calculators for Excel have a professional design, are flexible with sensitivity tables and offer charts and help notes to make them easy to use and understand.

The sheets can be unprotected to customize the formulas and sheets can be exported to a new workbook for further customization.

Finance templates and calculators for the valuation of flows:
  • Periodic Mixed Cash Flows
  • Even Cash Flows
  • Operation Value with Different Rates
  • Variable Cash Flow
  • Flows with Constant Growth
  • Flows with Variable Growth
  • Growth and Growth Comparison
  • Lump Sum
  • Company Valuation
  • Stock Valuation
  • Return of different Projects
  • Start Up Valuation

General finance templates and calculators:
  • Break-even Point
  • Break-even Point Scenarios
  • Break-even Analysis
  • Products Mix & Break-even Point
  • Du-Pont Analysis
  • Financial Ratios
  • Price / Earnings
  • Gordon Growth Model
  • Capacity for Growth
  • Income Statement Template
  • Cash Flow Statement Template
  • Net Worth

Finance templates and calculators for rates of return:
  • Yields Objective
  • Rate of Return and Taxes
  • Cost of Capital (MCAPM)
  • Cost of International Capital (MCAPM)
  • Average Cost of Capital
  • Sensitized Cost of Capital

Finance templates and calculators for inversions, bonds and options:
  • Bonds
  • Bond Price Changes
  • Bond Duration & Convexity
  • Real Estate Investments
  • European Option (Black-Scholes)
  • Volatility
  • Portfolio Yield

Finance templates and calculators for loans:
  • Loans with Payments
  • Loans with Payments (compare 2 op)
  • Loans with Payments (Miscellaneous Calculations)
  • Payment Schedule
  • Even Capital Amortization
  • Rate and Payment Objectives
  • Comparison of Alternatives
  • Loans with Irregular Periods and Payments
  • Loans with Irregular Periods, Payments and Rates
  • Loans Consolidation
  • Principal Amortized to Date
  • Discounted Notes (Factoring)
  • Refinancing and Prepayments

Finance templates and calculators for future value calculations:
  • Lump Sum
  • Equal Payments
  • Saving Deposits
  • Compounded Return
  • Pension - Monthly Savings

Finance templates and calculators for personal finances:
  • Mortgage Qualification
  • Automobile Purchase
  • Debt Capacity
  • Comparison of Mortgage with Points
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage
  • Whether to refinance a loan
  • College
  • Retirement Budget

Miscellaneous finance templates and calculators:
  • Conversions and Miscellaneous Calculations
  • Decision Matrix
  • Live Currency Converter
  • Arithmetical Calculator

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