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Formula Analyzer

Excel formula analyzer for navigation and auditing

Excel Formula Analyzer

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Formula Analyzer for Excel (Spreadsheet Auditor) is an Excel add-in which enables to view formulas in a different, more user friendly manner. Formula Analyzer for Excel shows all origin links and/or dependence links which may exist between formulas of a selected range.

Formula Analyzer for Excel has a unique tool which can analyze, within a specific range, a group of formulas and all the precedence/dependence connections between them. The additional Link Manager tool allows to perform a variety of operations with the external and internal links within a workbook.

The Cell Reference Tracker, is a versatile Formula Analyzer for Excel tool allowing to navigate between the cells which originate and/or depend on a cell under observation. This works even through sheets contained in other workbooks.

The Decompose Formula tool can determine the origin of each of the cells forming part of a formula, including cells in other sheets, numeric values of the formula; and even cells originating from other workbooks.

Key functions of Formula Analyzer for Excel include:
  • Trace multiple precedents
  • Remove multiple precedents
  • Trace multiple dependents
  • Remove multiple dependents
  • Erase auditing arrows
  • In block formula's analyzer
  • Cell's reference tracker
  • Decompose Formula
  • Circular reference tracker
  • Error's tracker
  • Formula's translation
  • Translate
  • Translate formulas to labels
  • Translate formulas to values
  • Translate comment text
  • Settings
  • Chart Analysis
  • Arrange Windows
  • Toggle Settings
  • Sheets manager
  • Workbooks manager

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