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HR Balanced Scorecard

Excel hr balanced scorecard for human resources

Excel HR Balanced Scorecard

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HR Balanced Scorecard for Excel measures metrics related to a Human Resources department.

Measure and control the performance of HR department with the Excel HR Balanced Scorecard. This scorecard has some key metrics that will help to measure and control the performance of a Human Resources department.

Customizable fields can be defined with measures and relative influence to record and monitors staff performance measures such as:
  • Cost per hour – salary and calculation of indirect costs such as agency fees, relocation and expenses incurred for the employment.
  • Turnover cost – calculation of termination, new hire, and vacancy and learning curve costs.
  • Turnover Rate – the rate that employees leave the organization.
  • Time to Fill – the period from the job requisition date to the new hire start date.
  • Length of Employment – time of employment including consideration of job title, department and other classification characteristics.

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