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Macro Help and Examples

Excel macro help and examples for model building

Excel Macro Help and Examples

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Excel Macro Help and Examples combines two reference libraries to assist with creating VBA macros in Excel. The help oriented Excel macro material steps through the basics of macro creation and writing before detailing instructions and information around the logic of the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) environment. Key Excel macro help topics covered include variables, debugging code and working with objects such as cells, worksheets, workbooks and folders.

The Excel macro examples material provides over 2000 VBA code examples which are generic to be copied and applied to commonly required automation tasks. The macro examples are provided in both PDF and help file formats with easy to use navigation and search capabilities.
Key subject matter covered by the Excel macro examples include:
  • General interest and commonly required code examples
  • Developing Excel add-ins and protecting the VBA code
  • Examples of using modules, variables and arrays.
  • Useful statements including looping and condition setting.
  • Cell and range access and management for data transformation.
  • Text and numbers manipulation and conversion.
  • Message boxes and user input forms.
  • Custom user forms and controls for user interaction.
  • Working with worksheets, workbooks, objects and charts
  • File management with copying, moving, renaming and deleting files.
  • Saving files and working with CSV files and ASCII files.
  • Printing reports and defining display options.
  • Creating Progress messages and splash screens.
  • Utilizing user defined and private functions.
  • Managing and working with windows.
  • Filtered data and manipulating pivot tables.
  • Working with dates and times.
  • Interactive workbook form controls including buttons.
  • Debugging macro code and efficiently handling errors.
  • Event handling and controlling user interaction.

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