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Programming Code and Components

Excel Programming Components templates, add-ins and spreadsheet business solutions

Components and code samples to use in development of applications that interact with Excel. These Excel solutions have been built to be utilized for the development of applications that interact remotely with the Excel application and include coding tools, code samples, ActiveX and other programming specific components. Excel solutions provide the means to communicating to and from as well as within the Excel application to facilitate sharing of data between applications and platforms and the generation of Excel based content from remote services.

Recommended Solution
VBA Coding Tools enable coding faster for Microsoft Excel, Access, Word, Outlook and other Office applications. With Code-VBA coding tools are added to your Visual Basic development environment to create better VBA code faster.
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The Excel Reporting export component for Delphi is a powerful band-oriented generator of template based reports in Excel.
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VBA Code Protection for Excel enhances the protection of VBA projects with Excel preventing unauthorized access and copying of sensitive VBA code.
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The Perl Export Script for Excel is a small, customizable utility that exports data from a database into an Microsoft Excel friendly format.
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Automate Macros for Excel is a powerful Excel add-in that enables users to easily automate the process of running Excel macros.
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C++ Library for Excel is available for Mac, Linux and Windows to read and write native Excel files from applications.
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OCX Office Viewer Component for Excel is an ActiveX document container for hosting Excel documents in a custom form or Web page. The OCX Viewer for Excel is flexible, and gives developers new possibilities for using Microsoft Excel in a customized solution.
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ASP Objects for Excel is an inexpensive, powerful and configurable set of components to generate Excel files from ASP VB Script web applications.
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The Remote Viewing ActiveX Control enables an application to display and interact with Microsoft Office files such as Excel and other Office applications
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The Java Library for Excel is a component for Java development environments allowing to create and modify Excel spreadsheets.
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.NET Components for Excel provide a managed code Excel file manipulation engine as well as Excel and PDF report generation for .NET & .NET Compact Frameworks.
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