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Excel data tools for data management

Excel Data Tools

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Excel Data Tools (Optipe Data Tools Suite) is an Excel add-in for Excel 2007 and above that provides tools for data management and functions for analyzing data from multiple tabular sources.

The data tools are available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Portuguese with over 50 video tutorials demonstrating examples usage.

Key features of Excel Data Tools include:
  • Data summary tools with consolidations and aggregations of filtered multiple source data by combinations of sum, average, count, maximum and minimum.
  • Perform mathematical operations to ranges of cells in multiple specified ranges.
  • Advanced data search criteria to isolate data for operations and management.
  • Copy and group tabs from multiple workbooks into one workbook for analysis.
  • Batch hide, show, protect, sort and rename sheets in multiple workbooks.
  • Select all objects within a workbook based on type such as names shapes and hyperlinks.
  • Merge data from multiple ranges with matching column filed specification.
  • Split data into multiple sheets based on categorical grouping rules.
  • Allows merge data from two tables based on one or more criteria.
  • Transform pivot tables and multidimensional data to flat formats.
  • Advanced formatting on multiple ranges with case conversion and numerical formats.
  • Color code data cells based on data type or value thresholds.
  • More than 30 new useful functions added to Excel covering date/time, statistics, lookup/reference, text and formatting information.

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