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Excel Financial Reporting

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Financial Reporting for Excel (XLReporting) is a cost efficient, flexible, and powerful financial accounting reporting software for organizations of any type and size. It provides an ideal solution for financial reporting, group consolidation, budgeting, forecasting, and financial planning.

Many Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems focus more on collecting data than on releasing information. Retrieving the desired financial information is often manual making it difficult to make timely informed management decisions. Standard reports often have fixed layouts and produce either too much or too little detail. Furthermore, Business Intelligence Systems tend to be expensive, offering little flexibility to end users and require resources that often are not available.

Financial Reporting for Excel resolves these issues by offering flexibility and ease of use to end users, without the need of a large and costly system implementation.

Financial Reporting for Excel can read its source data from either export and print files from accounting and ERP systems, or it can retrieve the data directly from other systems and database sources. It then stores and aggregates the information in its own database which is optimized for fast and easy financial reporting.

The imported data is enhanced by the system's own mapping tables. These tables enable the adding of additional information (such as classification and grouping). Full control is given to the mapping tables so that they can be manually edited or updated from other Excel workbooks.

Financial Reporting for Excel builds powerful and flexible information from the combined data, allowing users to create your customized reports and layouts. These reports are generated as fully formatted Excel workbooks with dynamic contents. Users can then change layout and grouping, filter the report, drill down, and zoom in or out with a click on a button.

Key features of Financial Reporting for Excel include:
  • Generates powerful financial reporting without the need for costly system implementation.
  • Can be used either stand-alone (single user/computer) or on a database server.
  • Fully integrated into Microsoft Excel making it easy to learn and use.
  • Imports data from any source (files, print reports, or directly from other systems and databases).
  • Financial reports are dynamic and flexible and can be easily changed by users.
  • Financial Reporting for Excel can generate a number of different report types: Dynamic reports (Excel pivot reports with advanced options); Charts (static and pivot charts); Formatted Excel lists (with filters and subtotals).
  • Create customized spreadsheets with embedded formulas that retrieve data directly from the Financial Reporting for Excel database.
  • Reports can be automatically distributed in several formats: Excel workbooks; HTML pages; CSV files; XML and XBRL files; ZIP files; PDF; and as email attachments.

Financial Reporting for Excel is an ideal solution to every financial reporting requirement.

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