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Table Management

Excel table management for data management

Excel Table Management

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Table Management for Excel is a suite of Excel add-ins to assist with managing tabulated data. Table management tools include conditional extraction, consolidation, splitting, merging and categorization.

Table Management for Excel combines the functionality of Excel in order to create more robust functionality which allow extracting data on multiple conditions, splitting tables, smart consolidation, merging tables, categorizing databases, extracting unique records, stratifying data and more.

Table Management for Excel is ideal for accountants, auditors, financial and data analysts when using large tables in Excel spreadsheets.

Key features of Table Management for Excel include:
  • Easy select
  • Select current region
  • Select visible cells
  • Analysis: Specific cells and Easy search by text/format/logical criteria
  • Change formulas based on format
  • Categorize database
  • Multiple conditional analysis and formatting
  • Sumif and Countif
  • Duplicates
  • Breaches
  • List unique cases
  • Manage Import and Export
  • Merge tables
  • Split table by groups or by date
  • Change text to numbers and back
  • Concatenate cells
  • Multiple conditional data extraction
  • Extract unique records
  • Smart Consolidation
  • Test the stratification table sufficiency
  • Time stratification
  • Stratification 1 to 1
  • Delete empty/visible/hidden rows or columns
  • Auto filter
  • Sort
  • Form
  • Viewer: Guides; Freeze or divide panes; Arrange Windows; Toggle settings; Sheets manager; Workbooks manager
  • Dynamic table: Pivot table wizard; Chart; Table options; Refresh data; Refresh all; Show field list; Show dynamic tables bar
  • Bars: show group/outline and dynamic analysis bars

Table Management for Excel is also available in the discounted bundle: Model Assistant Suite

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