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Mac Monte Carlo Simulation

Excel mac monte carlo simulation for risk analysis

Excel Mac Monte Carlo Simulation

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The Monte Carlo Simulation for Excel for Mac is a risk analysis engine designed specifically for the Mac platform.   The Monte Carlo simulation engine integrates with Excel for Mac 2011 and 2008 as well as iWork Numbers '09. The risk analysis engine is a simple but powerful tool for undertaking risk and scenario analysis of any spreadsheet model.

Key features of the Monte Carlo Simulation for Mac include:

  • The risk engine has been designed so that it can be used on any existing spreadsheet without modification of underlying data.
  • Change options for cycles, seed and model types.
  • Model creation assists with variable selection for Monte Carlo analysis.
  • Advanced statistics include skewness and excess Kurtosis for probability analysis.
  • Professional chart outputs include histogram, scatter plots and cumulative distributions.

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