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Risk Analysis

Excel Risk Analysis templates, add-ins and spreadsheet business solutions

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions for performing risk and sensitivity analysis. These Excel solutions allow the performance of probability simulations, volatility assessment and 'what if' scenarios of analysis to assess the sensitivity of alternative outcomes for business case and financial investment proposals. Excel templates and solutions apply algorithmic approaches and sensitivity analytics for assessing risk and outcome variation in existing and new Excel models.

Recommended Solution
Excel Risk Analysis Tools are a set of add-ins designed to analyze risk and perform sensitivity scenarios within business data models in Excel.
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Financial VBA Code for Excel contains 37 Excel VBA programs for advanced finance and statistics with open source code. The Excel VBA programs are categorized into 3 subject areas: Finance and Statistics Models; Random Number Generation and Statistics; and Numerical Searching Methods and Option Pricing.
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Sensitivity Analysis for Excel is a powerful and simple to use tool for performing sensitivity analysis on Excel models.
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Statistical Analysis for Excel is an extremely powerful, feature rich data analysis package that runs as an add-in to Excel. It provides access to a wide variety of both parametric and non-parametric data analysis tools and statistical tests.
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Statistical Distribution Fitting for Excel allows to automatically or manually fit a large number of distributions to data and select the best model.
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The Monte Carlo Add-In for Excel is a software package that adds comprehensive real-time probability simulations right into your spreadsheets and Excel applications.
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Mac Monte Carlo Simulation for Excel is a Monte Carlo analysis and risk engine for Excel 2008 and 2011 for Mac and iWork Numbers 09.
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The Decision Impact Analysis model for Excel calculates the value a decision and determines the impact of the outcome on a business.
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Six Sigma Metrics Balanced Scorecard for Excel measures quality performance for business with a 6 sigma metrics scorecard.
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Excel What If Analysis enables the evaluation of multiple scenarios in Excel by modeling the impact of input variable changes.
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Monte Carlo Simulation for Excel is a high performance Excel add-in to conduct Monte Carlo analysis and model simulation.
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The Excel business charts employ Hichert SUCCESS concepts within an Excel add-in to create professional business data visualization through International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) charts.
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Excel Risk Simulation is an Excel add-in that provides the ability to add risk simulations to existing Excel models under various probability distributions.
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