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Monte Carlo Simulation

Excel monte carlo simulation for risk analysis

Excel Monte Carlo Simulation

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Excel Monte Carlo Simulation (Quantum XL) is an Excel add-in providing fast and easy Monte Carlo analysis and simulation functions to Excel models.

The Monte Carlo Simulation add-in also provides adduced data visualization and analysis including optimization, custom distributions, latitude plots and percentage contribution analysis.

Key features of Monte Carlo Simulation for Excel include:
  • Comparable to Crystal Ball but at a much lower cost.
  • Monte Carlo simulations can be run in Rocket mode of up to 2 million simulation per second and automatically switches to Native mode depending on resource limitations.
  • Model optimization finds optimal set points for both input and output variables. Optimization criteria statistics are flexible such as defects per million, mean, standard deviation, percentile, median etc.
  • Supports custom discrete and continuous distributions as well as the normal, uniform, triangular, log Normal, logistic, log logistic, gamma, Weibull, exponential, uniform discrete, Poisson, binary and binomial distributions.
  • Input/Output Manager window provides an overview of all inputs, outputs and custom distributions.
  • Define multiple inputs and outputs simultaneously  by selecting ranges of cells.
  • Provides percent contribution and tolerance allocation tables to analyze the most sensitive model inputs.
  • Latitude plots provide a graphical representation of the variation being consumed by inputs.
  • Merge two or more legacy model design sheets to create one larger model.
  • Create surface, contour and interaction plots of the model's inputs versus outputs to analyze relationships.
  • Allows entering of part, process and performance information to monitor the capability and maturity of model design and creates Pareto of defects per unit to help allocate critical resources.
  • Creates Latin hypercube samples and descriptive samples for validation strategies.
  • Creates NOLHS designs ideal for multiple level experiments with deterministic simulators.
  • Allows creation and edit of houses of quality, pairwise comparison matrices, FMEA and Pugh matrices.

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