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Survey Data Mining

Excel survey data mining for process management

Excel Survey Data Mining

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Excel Survey Data Mining (Options Impact Analysis) is an Excel add-in providing tools to analyze and mine survey or experimental result data by revealing the structure and flow of options and their impact on other options within the data.

In a two option scenario, the analysis is simple where by the probability of one option or preference is the difference between 100% and the other option's probability. Where multiple options and complex decision dynamics exist in survey or scientific data, The Excel survey data mining add-in simplifies analysis by calculating and reporting on the options cross impact analysis and flow through.

The Excel survey data mining analysis allows up to 30 options and 60,000 outcomes to be included which can be defined as ratings, probabilities, selection identifiers or rankings. Up to 250 supplementary variables can be associated with the data mining analysis for filtering sub-samples, validation or subsequent follow-on analysis.

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(Updated on 2023-12-01)

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