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Excel solutions for R programming

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Excel Solutions For R Programming

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Happy As R programming has gained popularity for statistical analysis and data science, there is a growing need to integrate Excel solutions with R programming solutions. A number of Excel add-ins exist to address this requirement.

RExcel is probably the oldest and most established solution and is offered as both a free and commercial version for accessing R functionality from Excel. R Excel uses a COM component which acts as a communication layer between Excel and R. Once setup, this solution is quite efficient but it can also be problematic in the initial setup process.

Standing for Excel's Interface to R this relative newer open source solution requires R to be already running in the background so that Excel can then connect and use the session to send data, process and recuperate results.

Sharp_R is a commercial application with the ability to try for 30 days. The solutions works by storing R functions and then calling them via the add-in GUI just like other Excel functions. This solution can be setup and then used without requiring any R coding but relies on first creating working R functions.

DeployR requires the use of a .NET library to first create an Excel add-in using Visual Studio. This solution is targeted for developers looking to design customized Excel add-ins that then communicate with a proprietary Web API for processing R code.

Integrating R with Excel VBA
R can be installed locally and then used with Excel VBA applications to send data and recuperate results. The advantage of this method is that it is independent from third party installations and flexible to run any R code with any R package.
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